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May 22, 2008


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i am looking to apply for canada , though it sounds silly i would like to put it straight
I need your guidance for the best way to easily complete my 1 year course (p.g diploma / diploma ) economically and later on apply for p.r so please guide me the best and easiest way to get a p.r for canada sir

i am looking to enroll in a college where i can easily complete my pg diploma / diploma 1 yr course (where completing the course needs less attention) and later on its anybodys guess i want to apply for a P.R and pls for gods sake guide me through sir / madam
1. i heard that some courses are not entitled in priority list and they stand with a least chance of getting the p.r so can u share with me your valuable views
2. after going through the 1 year course i heard that i will be entitiled for 1 year work permit and during the tenure of the work permit i can apply for a p.r
3. do i need to get a job in the concerned field by the time i apply for a p.r and please share with me your e-mail id or any contact number so that i would contact you for any further help

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