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September 03, 2008


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thats so true afg is the only place for afghans to live!!


i am an afghan natinal living in canada for last 11 years case has been rejetd i dont now why bez i am disable not taking any assitance from gvoerment havent heard from them alsmost 11 years dont now what to do if some one know let ,e know i ll be very greatful


to Canadian Government!

first of all let me express my thanks to the government of Canada for placing many afghans as refugee in this country,

regarding returning afghans from Canada, I would like to say that the afghans are not created for living in this world so every country has the rights to kill and or return them to be killed in their country, every single even kids know that what is going on in Afghanistan,

I say that there is no good way to kill Afghans rather to send them back to their country,
every country climes that we are very close with Afghanistan, but in fact they are not, because if we invite some foreign people to come and live in Afghanistan would they accept this invitations? of course No.

at the end I personally request not only from the government of Canada from any government of the countries that please give safety to Afghans and please satisfy their needs, as they have been in trouble for 30 years and now they cant forbearance the troubles anymore.

please help Afghans,

Rabia Afghan


my name is inam and i am from Afghanistan,
when i was a kid my dad used to tell me that, do study for ur country bcoz one day Afghanistan will be free from All troubles and wars. i still remember my school days in pakistan, i used to go to school with a hope of rebuilding of Afghanistan, but the teachers used to discriminate me, i used to hit by some names like bloody (MAHAJER). how could a child tolerate such things? our one generation destroyed by wars, we were the coming generation, we were the hope of Afghanistan but we were mentally destroyed, we couldnt go to school for studies, we couldnt play. now i am no more kid but still in the same environment, i couldnt carry on my studies in proper way, but i want my children to study and live in relax manners. i have spent half of my life facing just troubles, now i wanna live in relax manners, where i dont hear ugly sounds of fires etc, where i live a decent life, where people treat me as a human. All i have is just a hope...................

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