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October 20, 2008


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Early rising enables us to plan the work of the day. We can’t work well without a plan. Just as the plan for the year should be made in spring, so the plan for the day should be made in the morning.

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In Mexico is amazing the drugs than go around specially the city of juarez right there life is nothing the kill for a dozen they don't care if you're a girl boy old man nothing they just care for the money .

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Where are the calls from the rabbid dog left for withdrawal? Where are their calls for am exit strategy? Where are their calls for a timeline?

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Some of the photographs are great, but I was hoping this project would raise some interesting questions, such as what flags mean to people, whether they still have a role today, and so on. Instead we get some oh-so-witty photos of the flag as wee or draped over the designer's dog. Maybe I'm just surprised no-one set the flag on fire and took a photograph of the remains.

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i like the story , write more.

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You should write more about this. Fantastic story.

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The situation of Ciudad Juarez it's a real preoccupation for our frontier police: it's the origin of almost all the drug in our country.

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There are two groups of applicants, those with up stories who know they can get legal aid and a work permit here.

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