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February 26, 2009


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M Fortune

Well its happening again.. boat loads of illegals and terrorists are landing in Victoria BC... When is this country going to get tough and deport these people as immediately.

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this is the problem with the great goverments in this world, when all this start it say you "yes welcome" and when all the dirty work is did it, the phrase change to "get the hell out here!" so who understand you Canada? you acting like your south brother.

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Zee Lowell

We have too many immigrants already living off of our system...I pay too much tax and so do my Canadian brothers & sisters. There's no more room here for immigrants. Our "free" health care system is already over-run and filled to the brim because of these immigrants who take advantage of our system. Please, stay away from Canada. We don't want you here. Go to Germany, they will welcome you with open arms!

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I agree. Many people are talking about it.

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