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February 12, 2009


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Sharon P

""It's a religion-based crime," said Mr. Miller."
It is NOT a religeon based crime at all. Bigamy and Polygamy are legal in Canada.
In Saskatchewan Canada, Bigamy and Polygamy are encouraged and subsequent "consent to multiple spouses" is provided through the saskatchewan government justice department. They will not declare the subsequent union as a crime worth investigating, they simply make the second union legal.
Two cases (1999 and 2009) have affirmed any person can have as many legal spouses in Saskatchewan as they wish. Although a judge there has said four would be a good number, he concedes that a person can have more spouses under Saskatchewan law and using section 51 of the Marriage Family Property Act.
"Providing assistance or consent" to same time conjugal unions is illegal in the rest of Canada and persons who claim to have subsequent spouses can be charged under Federal Criminal code. Five years in a federal prison is the maximum sentence.

joe morris

cant believe Canada is so dence allowing such when we are so bad of financially & changeing our cultures to please our immigrants ? R.C.M.P. allowing turbyns the same in Legions [but] we Canadians better not walk into a Legion & forget our cap is we better not have more than one wife & expect benefits. seems we have no back bone in our gov,nt any more??

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