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July 30, 2008


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I m also an interpreter working with Canadian military in Kandahar Afghanistan, i m glad to hear about this process but also sad that its only for disabled, its should also be for the ones who survived, any one who got wounded with Canadians
not only for the disabled

Najibullah Naseri

this is NAJIBULLAH whos an afghan and working with US police advisors in afghanistan as interpreter since january 2007
and I want to leave afghanistan to have a safe life and studying.
it is too dangerouse here for me to live taliban want tp kill me.
so. please find a way that I can get there.


my name is haseeb uallah i am from afghanistan kabul i worked for two years with US army now i am jobless i qeit the job because my life was not save taliban has been given me warrning tht if u we saw you again with these people so we will kill now i am so scuring that one day they will kill me and i am so intrest to study also one of my friend has been kitnaped from taliban in kabul so thats wahy i am also scuring my life is not save in afghanistan please i want help i like to have a save life with good study i am my mom and dad also deid taliban killed my father during their goverment in kabul so please help me to life in save place i am in very trouble

thank you very much


my name is farzad iam student and i work for a few months with canadain ary can u tell me the ture ways to go to canada for a family or singal tank u


iam aslo an interpreter with coalition forces in south easth of afghanistnistan i thank US government for giving us chance to move to the US but there is some issues like once we move there there is no job opportunities for us i kindly ask from president of the Untied State to take action to provide job for interpreters we will be a huge asset for US army in the is my advise if you wanna win the war in afghanistan you should plant som sibling to get harvet inthe furture have ball take care.
wali from panjshir afghanistan

Account Deleted

To all who read this comment
i work with candain forcess as an interpreter
i work with P_OMILT in panjwaiy district in kandahar province before i worked with RCR & now i work with WANDOW i used to work with US Special forcess in diffrents provincess in Afghanistan
i am first candain interpreter who is alowed to have wepon i am so happy from my team i trust them & they trust me alot i have alot's of refrence litters from haigh rank officer
after i done work with Wandow i wana study to make my futuer can you help me what's process to applay for canada visa

khwaja matiullah siddiqi

this is siddiqi one of the interpareter in comp julien
i was working since 2005 till2005 with canadien and have been
resiveing alots of certificates durining my work.
now my life is ai risk unkhown peopal tharet me i dont khow them.i want to help me.thanks

siddiqi (0700019647)(0798905691)


This is Ali also one of Canadian Interpreter working as an Head Trep for Canadian Enginners, well this is true that if bad guys find us alive they well give example to those people who work with a NATO Forces in Afghanistan. we are very happy to hear that Canada is opening his door for those people who put there lifes in risk working with canadian forces or any other forces in Afghanistan, for bad guys we Muslim interpreters and a non-muslim are the same but everyone knows the big target of bad guys are peoples who help forces in Afghanistan, Interpreters who work there not to work aginest bad guys or aginest anyone... we work for our betterment of future , better future for our families, brothers and sister's, thats why still 70% of interpreters are not living in Afghanistan coz there live is in dangrouse. there is no good school where our bros or sisters go for education there is no good Hospitals where we can take our elders in case of Imergancey..!!! So thats why we are hopeing to move somewhere we can spend a happy and a freedom life...


Hi every body I'm interpreter working with coalition forces
I'm iraqi and work in iraq comp taje I need your help I'm realy threaden


My message is to the secretary of Immigration affairs of Canada.
As you know Afghansitan is a country which has been burned and ruined in three decade of imposed war.You as a country which has good economy and opportunities for the people to share with, need to share it and assist whom need it.
My request is to deeply analys and evaluate the needy people and send all Afghan Interpreter to Canada.
To find your country as a safe place to live and work , as a human being. Instead of collecting people from all over the world you can share a small part of afghans to your supportive and encouragable programe. How many Afghan Interpreter in kabul ( camp julien ) and Kandahar you have? probably 300 people you can take them , I am sure without any problem exactly like USA .
A.F.( S.I.C.J. )

Ahmad Faraz

Hi Canada & all europians!!
plz kidnly collect back ur Talibans from our country (Afghanistan) so that we could have our country free of problems and crises. and the interpreters (slaves for money) will also have free time to stay in thier country.

thank you


hi every body....

i am mohmad ( Frank) i was working with canadian mission in kandahar from 2009 to july 2011. the canadian end there mission but i am still fell scare and get threatening from insurgents(taliban) i cannot go out of home i cannot start a private work duto security reson, i have started my immigration process a year a go and still waiting ,,

i o m file No 247 Mohamad Mohammady


Hi And Aslom Alikom
iam Zubair Form Nangrahar i Can Speak English i Want Job Like interpreter So Iam Ready To Go Every Palce Of Afghanistan.

Contact Me On :

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