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March 11, 2009


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hmm how bout when unemployment hits a certain level, all these tfw's get sent home and their jobs get filled by actual residents who are canadians


Manjit Singh Rattu cleared in the murder of Tara Singh Hayer, the founder of the Indo-Canadian Times -RCMPRelease report_ police of Canada for lodging cases of falsification
By: Bill Graveland, THE CANADIAN PRESS
CALGARY - A NRI Editor Journalist Manjit Singh Rattu who was questioned by RCMP in the murder of a British Columbia newspaper publisher a decade ago He was also questioned and then cleared in the murder of Tara Singh Hayer, the founder of the Indo-Canadian Times.
He was also questioned and then cleared in the murder of Tara Singh Hayer, the founder of the Indo-Canadian Times.Hayer, an outspoken member of the Sikh community, had agreed to be a witness in the Air India bombing trial. He was shot to death on Nov. 18, 1998.mprecation to the police of Canada for lodging cases of falsification
the cases of police abrogated The two cases of Brampton were repealed by worthy judge when Manjit
Singh Rattu a writer of North America instituted in Missisaga.This
strategy was the brainwork of the honours of newspapers with spurious
news against the publication of Daily Khalsa Samachar started by NRI
News paper Editor Manjit Singh Rattu
Due to daily publication of khalsa samachar the printing business of
these people was on the verge of closure due to ther stopping of
publication of this paper with a feeling of revenge the case was filed
with the Police.
A substandard company of Brampton supplied software of parrot
computers, a man named Mohan Verdi supplied old computers which were
not in working condition. It was a civil dispute. All these computers
were returned to Mohan Virdi.Still three computers of Khalsa samachar
are lying with Mohan Virdi.It was a conspiracy hatched by Hamdard,Ajit
Weekly and Khabarnama against Manjit Singh Rattu .In reality neither
Manjit Singh Rattu was arrested nor he cheated anyone.

According to Manjit Singh Rattu the Peel Police Constable Donnelly
Police was called on phone on a false complaint. Indian attorney
accompanied Manjit Singh Rattu to Brampton Police Station; later the
Canadian Police showed arrest of Manjit Singh Rattu in papers and
filed two false cases of fraud. During this time, Manjit Singh Rattu
was a permanent citizen of America. The immigration authorities kept
his passport, driving license and other documents because he was not a
Canadian citizen.Later, these people informed R.C.M.P about the case
of Tera Singh Hair.

Later, the team of R.C.M.P found Manjit Singh Rattu innocent and
issued him a letter verifying his truth.

The propaganda against the writer Manjit Singh Rattu was carried with
a spirit of vengeance. The people were responsible for this entire are
in the case of defamation.

The police could not prove any complaint in Brampton, Calgary.All
these false complaints were nullified by the Supreme Court and Manjit
Singh Rattu was given a clean chit. Canadian Immigration has asked him
to reapply for his stay in Canada, whereas he has got right status in

Manjit Singh Rattu has thanked Prime minister of Canada Steve Harper
and Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenny for the justice from the
court. It is reminded her that Manjit Singh Rattu is a well known
writer of Punjabi, who has been the Chief Editor, the first weekly
newspaper of Britain Punjab Times International. Awaz e Punjab Weekly
newspaper in London and NewYork He has also successfully worked in
different roles of media.

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